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by Chris Miller at 02:34:44 PM on Monday, April 28th, 2008
I ran across this totally by accident and found it an interesting twist on creating a profile, there is none.

There are three steps to begin chatting.
  1. Search for a chat room on some topic
  2. Make up a random nickname
  3. Chat away
No profile needed, no verifying a user account, just chat. All the rooms get assigned tags, so searching was quite easy.

I came across their tools and they do offer a desktop version called Lingr Radar and even a Firefox plugin. I didn't bother taking the time to check those out, since I would not be staying long.

I know, you are asking why would I even look. Well because I get freaking links and invites on a constant basis and this was one of them. Will I be back? No. Was it interesting? Was there the expected anonymous crazy sex rooms, oh plenty of those.

Kinda to see someone go back to the good old days. Ha

by Chris Miller at 10:26:16 AM on Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
This is just simplest way I found to see who I am following compared to who follows me. I got this link via SheGeeks. The opening screen of the site (shown below in fig 1) is very non-assuming with a giant word Whack!.

WhackFig 1

Once you Whack, it asks for your Twitter login, as expected. This is where you sit patiently and watch it run a counter. I was curious as to how it would egnerate a result. Would it be a list? Would it be icons? How about both. The result is amazing.


I was quite impressed with not only the directional colored arrows, and the timestamps of when they last posted. The icons the user has in place is pulled in and off you go. You even get a dialog box to sort the users in many ways and hide who you want to see.

Karma Sorting

Once you sort, select everyone you want to either follow or unfollow and scroll way down to the bottom where you find some bulk buttons. For those of you with thousands of followers, this could be a timesaver or a visual pain. Either way I love it!

Karma Bulk

So Corvida would give this the awesomesauce stamp of approval and I the same.

by Chris Miller at 06:27:00 AM on Monday, April 14th, 2008
I came across not just a person with VGS, but a new form of social criminal.  While stopping through a restroom at the local mall this weekend (don't ask as I hate malls), I ran across some teens in there, handling what business you would in a bathroom.

  While one of them was in a stall he was having a conversation, that I found more than amusing, with his friends who were waiting around.  He was sending Tweets out to find out who else was in the mall, where some others were, etc.  I hesitated.  Did he say he was in there Tweeting?  Actually taking the time to craft 140 character messages while sitting with his pants low on his ankles?  In a public restroom, in a mall, with his cell phone in his hands?  He then was obviously not pacing as he waited for some return @ messages.  His concentration of his true task at hand so clouded by VGS?  Just the thought of unknowingly receiving a tweet from someone in this position.

 I chuckled and said the word V - G - S as I made my way out the door.  They looked confused as expected as I checked the public timeline.

Quick, raise your hands if you have done this?  Wait, keep them up, now go wash them, ewwwww.

by Chris Miller at 02:08:35 PM on Monday, April 7th, 2008
A few weeks ago I published the start of a syndrome I tagged as VGS.  Amazingly, it was well received by many of you, well, that have it already.  But since then I uncovered another aspect of VGS.  One that still fits in the syndrome, but shows a slightly different behavior.  This person carries many of the following traits:
  • always online in some form or fashion
  • constantly updates us with loads of personal information
  • links to news that they feel should be shared instantly
  • makes heavy usage of social bookmarking
  • streams themselves through one of the many streaming services
  • feel that Twitter is akin to yelling from a city rooftop
  • decided blogging is passe, IM is an ok medium, but rarely emails and unless it is a cell phone, forget it
  • is always on the latest beta of every social networking site
  • finds that none of the current tools do everything they wish
  • never have enough friends, followers and watchers

So what we find when studying this behavior is the virtual gratification from knowing someone read one of their many postings, bookmarks, tweets and watching a stream.  They thrive on the reverse voyeurism that brings people into their life at a never ending pace.  They can never get enough followers, viewers or listeners.

I haven't yet found a cure except total burnout.  This person will either drop dead in the middle of a tweet with thousands watching on live video, or totally find themselves unable to type or click with carpal tunnel.

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