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by Chris Miller at 12:53:07 PM on Thursday, May 28th, 2009
While playing with (which basically scans photos on Facebook to identify people.  When one with Louis and the twins popped up I was shocked to see they were unknown!  Mainly with all the other pics, blog posts and press he gives them.

Image:Even Web 2.0 doesn’t know all about Louis Gray

by Chris Miller at 09:44:29 AM on Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
Upon seeing what happened with TwitterCut over the past 24 hours, I am tending to believe that Twitter has now reached enough critical mass that it could effectively kill a company in the online and marketing world.  

Image:Can Twitter kill a company? Do we have checks and balances?

Damage that would be hard to undo and for smaller ones could be end game when they rely heavily on social media to grow.  Mashable and InfoWorld (among many others) picked this up quick and issued articles of warning yesterday.  Twitterers soon began spreading the word and my real-time searching was moving pretty darn quick and it was being retweeted over and over. Twittercut responded on the site itself:

FYI: According to several social network blog sites TwitterCut has been the bud of several rumours! Our website and its programmers can assure you that these rumours are not true and that TwitterCut is simply a Twitter train that was a work in progress! We were not phishing twitter accounts what so ever. That login script was a script I bought for 50 dollors. I see allot of sites on twitter doing the same thing as us. Were shutting down this site. -

So let's assume a fast food chain really has no issue and someone drives enough interest in a possible food recall/poisoning for that chain.  Would the drive of Twitter be enough to hurt them for the next couple days?  How would they fight against it?  Spend lots of cash in marketing, TV and social promotion letting everyone know they are totally safe.  Which in turn costs them even more money on top of what was lost.

Where is the balance and checks? Who verifies the reality of the data being presented?  Are we a bunch of lemmings that as soon as a big name says no go or that there is a problem we all follow along happily?  I am not saying that TwitterCut was legitimate, just that I couldn't find much else other than it send out a tweet.  The domain was registered May 21, 2009 by someone that listed his name, address, phone number and email.  Who called Jordan or emailed him? (heck he even spelled "rumor" wrong a couple times and "dollars" on the notice he put up)

So what is a company to do in this world of social media frenzy?  Remember when Oprah made a comment about beef and there was a significant, measurable drop for a while?  Start imagining the bigger leap when CNNBRK gets hacked and someone sends a fake news alert out.  While Twitter can remove it, all of the clients that get used (not the web interface) keep it and it gets passed on.  Oprah now not only says something on her show but sends a tweet out saying ther same thing.  What kind of impact do we have on that small enterprise that makes her favorite coffee cake?  They get some overloaded it essentially stops business.  Leo Laporte does this each week highlighting a website, they call it the TWiT effect where they take the site down as thousands rush to the URL.

 I think we need a check and balance here.

by Chris Miller at 09:32:00 AM on Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
Twitpocalypse is not my idea, it came from right here.  But as one of the founders of we have a big interest in this theory.  The idea is that the way Twitter designed the unique identifiers for each tweet, combined with the speed at which we are now consuming the available numbers (per some math calculations), Twitpocalype currently estimates that in mid June 2009 the identifiers for tweets will turn negative in number.  This means quite a few of the 3rd party apps that rely on unique identifiers may not have coded for this and could very well break.

To some of you that don't use much outside of the web interface or a random client, it may be no big deal.  For the power users out there, your favorite tool may need an overhaul or might cease for a while.  It might be possible that Twitter will just keep adding on numbers forever for each status message,  Yet I find this hard to believe.

my first Twitter message was number (via MyTweet16): 5,545,173
My current message identifier was : 1,916,116,297

A difference of 1,910,571,124 tweets in an amazingly sharp curve in time.  Any input from the 3rd party developers?  Will this affect you?  Is it even true?

by Chris Miller at 12:31:55 PM on Friday, May 22nd, 2009
So here is the deal.  A new site popped up for entry into EverythingTwitter.  As I went exploring and testing the site which allows you to upload videos from cellphones, a local file on your computer and soon webcams, there was no content rating or filtering assigned.  What I uncovered was a mixed bag of fun/silly videos, tech content and well soft porn.

Imagine the possibility of following a specific person and getting all the latest uploaded or even just recorded hot porn content?  The videos will be coming from alternate sites and not stored on, of course.  So your network and firewall teams will need to do some extra duty to control and maintain new link sites.  (This also goes with the fact that you should be using one of the Twitter tools that shows the expanded links that you are preparing to click on.  Too many times we have no idea where a link really goes, only that we like the description.)

Does the porn industry see a business value in this?  Could we enter the world of realtime updating of this type of content? Twitter is the medium to make it happen with a fast growing userbase.  They do not store the content and there is no rating of Twitter content types.  You are always at your own risk when browsing the stream.  Facebook patrols content and removes offending pictures.  However Twitter does not store this content and services hook in to allow you to publish pics and videos as soon as they are taken.

by Chris Miller at 11:40:03 AM on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
Another variant of Virtual Gratification Syndrome (VGS)  was uncovered in a recent meeting I had.  It is called "The Co-Friend".  This is something that many people have long before they enter into social networking.  The co-friend is a person that started out as and still remains a co-worker of yours.  You met them in the office and found out you could actually tolerate them on a daily basis.  From there a slight bonding took over.  It started with simple conversations and moved quickly into going out to lunch.

This is not to be confused with a co-lust or co-love syndrome which has to do with another intermingling entirely.

This person never really becomes a friend in the true sense.  You might grab a drink after work and enjoy a dinner while at a conference.  But more than likely they never come to your house and only know your entire family history because you told them.  Sure, they meet your significant other at company events, but that is as close as you want them to get.

Now enters the social networking.  You started talking to each other on chat when you both found out you could hold private conversations on the public IM networks and shared your screen names.   Soon you became Facebook buddies and then it all went downhill.

They started to find out far too much about you.  You have overshared details about your personal life in minutia and it has come back to haunt you.  The former co-friend is now either someone mad at you, a new boss of yours or worse, an enemy.  All of that time spent together is not at your disposal to use as you and them see fit.  It could destroy your reputation because you didn't know they kept archives of every chat you had.  Those pictures you hid from certain groups at work are now accessible via Facebook.

So where is the line you must keep when moving someone from co-worker to co-friend?  I say a safe distance and keeping that business profile and personal profile separate as best possible.  When you cannot, then only publish what should be public and keep the rest to yourself you oversharer!!

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by Chris Miller at 09:20:00 AM on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

by Chris Miller at 10:00:18 AM on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
A usage survey for social networking in the enterprise hit my desk today with some simple, yet direct questions.  Here is a sample of what they asked.  Notice the influx of particular tools, not just social network type sites (ie: bookmarking, microblogging, photos, video, etc).

Image:Does your enterprise get social network marketing?

So why am I taking interest in the above grid?  Simple.  The focus of tools in the enterprise is something many IT groups and departments are taking for granted.  They think:
Sure, user are on the sites, we are trying to block them.  There is no business value.  Even though we play and goof around in these very sites most of the day ourselves.  Our marketing department is starting to understand how to use these tools, but they don't get it.

Many of you have had this very thought race through your mind.  How about meeting with the marketing teams and sharing your knowledge of how you best use the sites.  Where you get your best vendor information and feed from?  Wouldn't your very own business you work for expand and reap the benefits if they were sharing information the same way?

There is a huge decline in the way we all communicate.  Voicemail was the 80's.  They say email was the late 90's into the new century.  Now we blast massive amounts of data hoping to get noticed on the next wave that rides through.  If your company or organization is not out there looking ahead now, they will be certainly looking from the back soon.

by Chris Miller at 09:42:13 AM on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
Due to the incredible growth of EverythingTwitter we are moving to a new host.  Bigger and better of everything including a new site design.  We have outgrown some bandwidth as more people find the site and link to it, so it was time.

If you do not know what the heck EverythingTwitter is, it has become the largest catalog of Twitter tools, sorted by category, on the net.  we are fast approaching 400 tools.  Most of them have commentary by the listing author and some have screencasts to go along.

If you ever find something we are missing, let us know.

by Chris Miller at 08:41:00 AM on Thursday, May 7th, 2009
In the last week or so I broke 5000 tweets.  Was there a parade or confetti? Nope.  Nothing came from it when I first broke 1000 followers either.  What I did suddenly realize is how it changed my workflow as well as what other changes I need to think about.

Here is what I did learn from 0-5000:
  • Twitter is about having communication with anyone. Cross balanced with some broadcasting of thoughts, links and stuff
  • Twitter transcends multiple platforms like no other tool right now.  SMS, web, desktop clients, mobile clients and huge numbers of add-on tools
  • Twitter can be a central communication point flowing downstream into other services
  • Twitter can be an aggregation point collecting flowing data from other services
  • Twitter allows you to have meaning in what you say or just randomly chat and communicate.  It becomes how you use the tool, not what everyone else uses it for
  • Twitter is a moving wave that you cannot surf on.  You must dive in and come up for air to get the most benefit
  • Twitter needs to be constantly data mined to get the most out of it
  • Twitter serves everyone in different ways and don't be offended when someone doesn't like how you use it
  • Twitter has an api that isn't having any limits right now.  Remember the company I posted that has their manufacturing machines tweet their statistics into private feeds that then get consumed.  This saved tons of man hours walking around collecting these same stats manually
  • Twitter will have a revenue model that we all won't agree with at some point.  When it happens look for a wave of complainers
  • Twitter uses hashtags as a sorting and locating mechanism, not as a game

Here are things I am changing for 5000-9999 and then re-evaluating:
  • EverythingTwitter is moving into it's own Twitter account. It is growing fast and needs to be it's own breathing entity that you can follow for the best and latest Twitter tools.  Corvida may still have updates in her own personal stream, but we will leave that whole idea up to her
  • I will engage in more conversation as that is where most of it is taking place.  I have not logged into public IM accounts in, what a year?  I am sometimes on the one for TheSocialNetworker but only because Google is set to log me into Google Chat when I check mail.
  • I have a semi scheduled routine to trim up who I follow.  Information overflow can ensue too quickly
  • I will continue to look for the best desktop, mobile and web interfaces for my needs, not what everyone else says is best.  It is why we throw new tools out each day.  There is too many cool new ones all the time
  • I am pushing more links through Diigo and sharing through Google Reader.  I know Google Reader needs some help in the social network space, but it makes following hundreds of feeds too easy.  Plus on the BB in a crunch.  Get on it and add my as a friend on both of those.
  • I keep trying to use Friendfeed more for viewing, but like the splitting of these couple tools for feeds and just tweets.  I have rooms, groups and lists in Friendfeed already, but maybe I need more
  • Microblog companies that are popping up need to focus more on what service they can bring to a group or enterprise and stop being direct competitors.  You will then start winning your own race

(before you ask:  I make it a point to test a tool for a week or two straight unless it really just disappoints me right away.  So you will see me in Twhirl most of the time.  I just finished two weeks in Tweetdeck and have to go back.  Seesmic isn't ready just yet.  Then Chrome/Firefox  for Google Reader. for URL shortening and Diigo tools for social bookmarking)

I am going to keep adding more and hopefully some of you comment with your own education from your first tweet to now

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