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by Chris Miller at 01:08:14 PM on Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
So I previously blogged about FriendFeed and how it was a decent site.  But, I notice that if I do not visit a site regularly, there is something that didn't click.  Today it came to me at I sat outside a cafe having lunch, grabbing some of the new St Louis free MetroWifi.

The interface sucks.  This huge screen of white with:
  • every name looking the same
  • no ability to tag
  • no ability to sort
  • no ability to group
  • comments, while ghosted in grey, show me me notice that people made them on older ones (meaning no follow)
  • marking something "I like", ok big deal, what else happens?  I see other names that like it.  So now we Digg?
  • clicking options to a friend posting lets me block postings like that (like what? no definition, keyword?) or link.  So instead of copying the link to a keyboard, it takes me to a new page with a long URL that I then have to shrink.  How come I cant link to the original with that?
  • it needs way more built-in supported services
  • it has an RSS output, why would I put it all in there and then output it once again?
  • creating imaginary friends works in some ways but not in others.  I they have a mega feed (like my Jaiku feed) it is easy.  If they use 80 services, what a pain.
  • how does it build recommended friends?  I keep getting the same ones as the site grows

I do find stats cool still to see where the content I like best (through commenting on the site, see above) comes from.  So let me readjust and try again.

  • 1) FriendFeed is losing my good friend status
    Created by Corvida at 03/12/2008 2:32:28 PM email | website

    It would do them some good to create customizable profiles for users! I can definitely agree with you on the blandness of it all.

    I think the like feature allows you to network in a way. Kind of like stumbling upon other users that like what you like and read what you read.

    I don't have a problem with the services available because the ones offered are the only ones I use anyway and the RSS output is for RSS addicts or maybe you don't want to keep refreshing the page or leave FriendFeed open. RSS it instead.

    Left a comment on FriendFeed about reporting some of these suggestions and issues to the developer Bret Taylor. { Link }

  • 2) FriendFeed is losing my good friend status
    Created by Robert Konigsberg at 03/12/2008 9:50:09 PM email |

    Chris, I use Yahoo Pipes for filtering, and read through reader, if that helps.

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