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by Chris Miller at 10:18:53 AM on Friday, September 7th, 2007
I have high hopes for all the new social networking sites that are starting up.  This one appeared to offer yet another desktop solution for bringing information together.  Bubbletop is simply a screen, with numerous tabs possible, that had draggable widgets on it that pull information from RSS feeds.  No other social networking is really built in anywhere in the site.  It becomes just another place to try and suck in and manage information.  But after playing with it more, it offers some areas of coolness factor, but they have a way to go.  Read on..

So what could they do better?  Offer the widgets to post to some of these accounts.  Yes, they have some developer tools, but I couldn't find any widgets that provided that ability to post as well as receive like I have in the iGoogle desktop.  You have the simple ability to add new bubbles that are already into the catalog that are made public, or just type in an RSS feed.  They should make a browser widget that allows me to drag the feed icon to it and add the bubble automatically as another idea.  You can rate each bubble you have, but I wasn't sure where that fit into the big picture just yet.

There is a nice search option that will search through all your bubbles for a particular topic for you.  It blows a filter bubble with the information it pulls from the sites.  It was weird that a filter search didn't pull an entry I could see in my blog bubble when I searched, but we are in beta here folks.  What was nice is that when I clicked one of the search results it did not attempt to open a web browser tab or window, it opened a bigger bubble that then allowed you to share the link information.  That was cool.

You can search or invite new contacts but it was not clear to me what adding them would do for me, so I didn't I willingly admit.  But some insight into why I would want to add contacts (sharing widgets or desktops maybe?) would entice me.  You can make a contact with people on the system or invite new.  They are giving each person 5 invites to send out as they grow.  Now, there is no way to tell who is no the system by the way.  That would be helpful to have some tags about myself so I can search for people with the same interest and grow my contacts that way.

Ok I clicked the help button.  One cool feature is that once I add a contact, I can drag a bubble to them and share that bubble right away.  Not bad.  Basically blowing a bubble at them.  Cool idea.  Now do they keep that feed/bubble forever or just that one time since I saw something of interest?  The help needs some more explanation points in it for the users, I imagine that is coming along in time.

I don't even want to rate this site yet, we will come back and blow some more bubbles in a bit to see how they have grown.

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