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by Chris Miller at 10:19:38 AM on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
You sit at your desk with multiple screens, multiple devices and multiple desktops running.  Enjoying the gluttony as a victim of  Virtual Gratification Syndrome (VGS)?  This symptom is easily identifiable for once.  Look for the following symptoms in yourself or those around you:
  • The Google Feed Reader has a constant unread value greater than 2,000
  • The tabs in their browser of choice exceed 12 and span multiple windows
  • They use multiple browsers at once for alternate purposes and are not developers
  • The person jumps quickly between the computer, the Blackberry (or smartphone) and CNN
  • The person has multiple RSS widgets and tickers on their screen
  • The person is able to share over 100 articles per day
  • Instant messaging is a waste as they don't want to talk, only consume.  If you send a string of links they might keep the chat window open
  • Newspapers suck as they are a day old and you can't cross link from them
  • The radio never quite has on what they want, so podcasts it is all the time
  • They are pissed Jott is going to a paid service as they used it since day 1 and have grown attached
  • Twitter clients are too slow for them

External symptoms then begin to show as they are detached from their devices for any period of time
  • They talk aimlessly around 15 subjects that they "just read"
  • They seem to know every major event going on in the world
  • They also seem to know every minor event and technology event going on
  • They can recite where Leo Laporte was for lunch each day this week
  • At their own kids event they rarely know the score or have seen a performance
  • Driving causes them to twitch.  No, you just thought they were bad drivers.  Not true, they cant concentrate on a blank road
  • If they lose their device they don't know what day it is

Treatment varies, but going cold for at least a week seems to give them some sort of grounding effect.  Simply destroying their computer and Smartphone only allows them to use the insurance they purchased to quickly go and get an even newer and better device.

  • 1) Virtual Gratification Syndrome (VGS) - The Over Information Gatherer
    Created by francie at 01/27/2009 4:10:35 PM email | website

    Odd, as the above sounds just like someone I know.

    Darn, what was his name again..... ?

    (Hint: he wore out not one but three sign language interpreters during his LS session)

  • 2) Virtual Gratification Syndrome (VGS) - The Over Information Gatherer
    Created by igmuska at 01/27/2009 8:15:49 PM email |

    I can quit anytime I want. I just bookmarked this using one click, sending this to 4 bookmarking services, adding it to my discussion forum. Used trackback to watch for comments.

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