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by Chris Miller at 06:27:00 AM on Monday, April 14th, 2008
I came across not just a person with VGS, but a new form of social criminal.  While stopping through a restroom at the local mall this weekend (don't ask as I hate malls), I ran across some teens in there, handling what business you would in a bathroom.

  While one of them was in a stall he was having a conversation, that I found more than amusing, with his friends who were waiting around.  He was sending Tweets out to find out who else was in the mall, where some others were, etc.  I hesitated.  Did he say he was in there Tweeting?  Actually taking the time to craft 140 character messages while sitting with his pants low on his ankles?  In a public restroom, in a mall, with his cell phone in his hands?  He then was obviously not pacing as he waited for some return @ messages.  His concentration of his true task at hand so clouded by VGS?  Just the thought of unknowingly receiving a tweet from someone in this position.

 I chuckled and said the word V - G - S as I made my way out the door.  They looked confused as expected as I checked the public timeline.

Quick, raise your hands if you have done this?  Wait, keep them up, now go wash them, ewwwww.

  • 1) Tweeting in the bathroom - the new social crime
    Created by Lars Olufsen at 04/14/2008 8:29:44 AM email | website

    LOL ... brilliant.

    I better go wash!

  • 2) Tweeting in the bathroom - the new social crime
    Created by Dave Armstrong at 04/14/2008 9:37:45 AM email |

    If you really made a comment that they didn't understand as you walked out, odds are you just got categorized by them as a "creepy old guy".

  • 3) Any worse than blogging in the bathroom?
    Created by Hankster at 04/14/2008 9:50:26 AM email |

    Chris, I am sending you this comment from the most private seat in my house.

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